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Introducing Our Partnership with Trade Ideas

Here at WhoTrades, we recently established a joint partnership with Trade Ideas, a provider of market-scanning technology and real-time trade idea generation.

One of the primary pain points of traders is idea generation. We can only individually be aware of so much. It’s inevitable that we miss opportunities working independently or in smaller teams.

This is where the power of technology, machines, and AI come into play.

Trade Ideas has various channels offering proprietary algorithms, signals based on various transformation of price and volume, scanners (social activity, risers/fallers, high options volume), and various sector and theme-based channels that will aggregate various strategies for traders who specialize.



In one of the channels–termed Holly Neo, in this case–there will occasionally be trade recommendations. It will show the entry time, stock symbol, whether the recommendation is long or short, the entry price, current profit or loss, time to expiry of the signal, and the general strategy name (ex., “Downward Dog”, “Putting on the Breaks”).

It will also give an archived list of previous trades and how they did. It will show entry and exit time, long or short, strategy, stock symbol, entry price, exit price, and exit reason.

How you choose to implement these ideas is up to you. Trade Ideas offers a vast catalogue of strategies and potential generation tools for you to work with.

Let us know if you have any questions and if we can help out!

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