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Hey Traders,

Financial markets are changing rapidly and the way from "zero" to "hero" is usually really short - a few great trades could make you an outstanding trader, at least for the beginners. However, it usually means nothing - the new hero turns out to be a zero even faster. Here is why we decided to show you a new feature - verified account

If you see this blue 'check box' next to the name - this person is highly recognized among the peers, achieved wide-spread recognition, has a proven track record showing great results and have a significant global outreach:

Why we decided to verify accounts

  1. markets are changing really quick - only people with outstanding performance could get this 'check box'
  2. traders should distinguish professional traders - make sure that you are following the right person

How you can benefit from it

We highly encourage to follow those people with check box due to their proven track record. Market defines whether this person is a great trader or analyst, it shows whether person's recommendations are perfectly timed and bring the maximum value for other traders. 

If you think that we should give you or another trader this 'check box' - send us a link to this person and name at least a few reasons why you think this person deserves this 'check box' -

Now let's get back to trading!

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